Concerts «3 SUD EST» National Palace, Chisinau, 2014-2021

Founded in 1997, the band 3 SUD EST remains one of the most successful Romanian bands, and the band's artists are called "Kings of dance music".

After a 6-year break, in 2014 the band 3 SUD EST reunites and returns to the stage with the song "Emoții". Since then, every year, they hold grandiose concerts in Chisinau under the Sens Music brand.

In 2017, the band celebrated 20 years since its establishment, and on this occasion held a concert in Chisinau at the National Palace "Nicolae Sulac". An incredible show, which lasted 2 hours and enjoyed an audience of a thousand spectators. The incendiary atmosphere lasted throughout the concert.

In 2020 and 2021, after several postponements due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19, 3 SUD EST manages to come to Chisinau again, with open-air concerts at the Green Theater.

Over time, the band 3 SUD EST held 11 concerts in Chisinau, and each time with the sold-out hall.