We are proud of the fact that Sens Music is one of the largest companies organizing events and concerts in the Republic of Moldova.

  • The concert of the legendary band The Scorpions from 2010 in Chisinau, with a sold-out and almost 20,000 spectators;
  • Gustar Ethno Musical Festival - the author's project of the company, organized during the years 2010-2017. Due to its unique specificity, it has become an event of national importance, which brings together tourists from different parts of the world. Exactly this project started the trend of festivals in the Republic of Moldova;
  • The numerous concerts of the Band 3 SUD EST, in the years 2014-2019 at the National Palace “Nicolae Sulac”, and in 2020, after several suggestions from the public, the concert was organized outdoors at the Green Theater;
  • The exceptional concerts of the most beloved children's band Gașca Zurli, in 2013-2019.



  • The numerous concerts of local artists Ion Paladi, Nicolae Botgros together with Orchestra ”Lăutarii” at the Palace Hall in Bucharest, the Sports Hall in Galati, and the Palace of Culture in Iasi;
  • The Anniversary Tournament “La omul care mi-i drag” from 2019 of the Plăieșii Ethnofolkloric Ensemble at the Palace Hall in Bucharest, the Sports Hall in Galati, the Radu Beligan Theater in Bacau, the Polyvalent Halls in Botosani and Piatra Neamt;
  • The spectacular event of the Georgian National Ballet "Sukhishvili" at the Palace Hall in Bucharest, at the beginning of the pandemic (February 2020).



  • ”Dorul Bsarabiei” Tour with artists Ion Paladi and Orchestra ”Lăutarii” conducted by maestro Nicolae Botgros, organized in the cities of Lisbon, Madrid, Paris, Athens;
  • The extraordinary concert "La frați nu se pun hotare" given by Ion Paladi, Ionuț Fulea, Mariana Ionescu Capitanescu, and Orchestra ”Lăutarii” together with Nicolae Botgros, organized in London, at the Watford Colosseum, in February 2020. 


In addition to these, the Sens Music collection also has a lot of events with the bands Vunk, LALA Band, Holograf, the artist Iuliana Beregoi and many others.

Sens Music's experience over the years includes over 380 concerts and over 710 000 satisfied spectators.

Either a concert of a few hours or a festival that lasts a few days - Sens Music offers much more than a simple moment of fun. The main mission, which is also illustrated by the slogan, is to give emotions - exceptional emotions and memories that can last a lifetime, both for the spectator and for the artist.