Gustar 2013 - GUSTAR


The 4th edition showed that the organizers of Gustar take into account the recommendations of the visitors, being an edition organized at the highest level, and the weather outside greeted us with sun and warmth.

The 4th edition of Gustar made available to the public - two days of an unforgettable experience, total freedom, green grass, fresh air, and, of course, quality music.

This weekend, as well as the previous editions of Gustar, visitors participated in numerous activities, such as sightseeing, creative activities, art exhibitions, workshops, tasted traditional Moldovan dishes and wines, and children spent their time on a  specially designed playground.

The guests of the event enjoyed the best multinational songs in the amphitheater from Orheiul Vechi.

Here are the bands that performed on the Gustar festival stage:

  • Art Group "Brio Sonores" (Republic of Moldova)
  • Trigon (Republic of Moldova)
  • Marcel Ștefăneț Project (Republic of Moldova)
  • Nikorason’g (Republic of Moldova)
  • Geta Burlacu (Republic of Moldova)
  • The Peeno (Republic of Moldova)
  • Dusty Baron / Latercomer (Republic of Moldova)
  •  Jenel Band (Republic of Moldova)
  • Angry Band (Republic of Moldova)
  • Concertino (Republic of Moldova)
  • Naguale Project (Romania)
  • Viky Red (Romania)
  • Acoustic Acrobats (Poland)
  • Inna Bondari “Balkanitsa” (Russia)