Gustar 2011 - GUSTAR


The second edition of Gustar showed that visitors want a really high caliber festival in Moldova.

This year too, the amphitheater of the Orheiul Vechi cultural reservation, hosted, on the last weekend of the summer of 2011, the Gustar Festival.

This year's program included an even wider range of activities for visitors to enjoy: a tent town with national cuisine, wine and fruit directly "from the producer", an exhibition of traditional costumes and clay objects, pottery lessons and lots of quality music.

Here are the bands and performers that delighted the audience in this edition:

  • Milho Khorhaya (Bolivia)
  • Hristina Beleva and Peter Milanov (Bulgaria)
  • Orhan Agabeyli (Azerbaijan)
  • Tsigunz Fanfara Avantura (Poland)
  • Concertino (Republic of Moldova)
  • Trigon (Republic of Moldova)
  • Ethno Spirit (Republic of Moldova)
  • Dina Vrajmasu (Republic of Moldova)
  • Alex Calancea Band (Republic of Moldova)
  • Art Studio Repede (Republic of Moldova)
  • Univox (Republic of Moldova)