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From 2013, Sens Music expanded its activity by creating the equipment rental subdivision for event organizers in the Republic of Moldova and Romania. And, in 2017, it became the Sens Music Production entity, with the largest fleet of stage equipment in the area of ​​Moldova.

More than 7 years of experience in this field, allow the Sens Music team to provide professional rental and maintenance services for the stage, sound, lighting, and projection equipment. The Sens Music Production team believes that no major event can be organized without high-quality equipment. Therefore, it is the only company in the country that has in the list of facilities, premium equipment from the most famous manufacturers:

  • L-Acoustics sound system;
  • Clay Paky and Robe lighting systems;
  • Eurotruss and Prolyte stage systems.


There are some types of events for which Sens Sens Production premium equipment is offered for rent are:

  • concert;
  • festivals;
  • corporate;
  • conferences;
  • private events.


In addition to premium features, Sens Music is the only company in this field, which offers customers innovative technical solutions in organizing events. The team is always on duty with the most creative ideas, which will break the patterns of a template event. Do you need more special lighting, video installations, LED decorations, europodiums? Be assured, we have them all and we help you with any unusual idea you have created about the perfect event. So, every artist and spectator can be sure that he will have a truly exceptional event together with Sens Music.

There are a few bands and artists who have entrusted the professionalism of the company: The Scorpions, 3 SUD EST, Ion Paladi, Nicolae Botgros, and the Orchestra ”Lăutarii”, Vunk, Holograph, the Georgian National Ballet "Sukhishvili", Iuliana Beregoi and many many others.

Kara, 450 Watt RMS, 141dB, 50Hz-20kHz

Manufacturer: France (L-Acoustics)

SB-18,700 Watt RMS, 138dB, 32Hz

Manufacturer: France (L-Acoustics)

SB-28,1255Watt RMS, 142dB 25Hz

Manufacturer: France (L-Acoustics)

M32, Digital Mixer, 32 input channels, 16 output channel

Manufacturer: Great Britain (Midas)